Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Strange Bedfellows?

T magazine editor, Stefano Tonchi is moving up in the alphabet, or down depending on how you read it, to edit W. Though we -- nor anyone, really -- have never paid much attention to the T. Aside from a Julianne Moore poke her face,that is.

But W! W has been a favorite of we AnA girls since...well, we were little AnA boys. They have featured some of our favorite editorials ever. Brad and Angie giving Aniston the middle finger. Naomi giving the world the middle finger. And more recently, Linda Evangelista giving the recession the middle finger.

Tonchi claims he wants to make the mag more "accessible" (so vague, or rather Vogue of a word) and
"more of a general-interest style magazine, and less of a fashion-obsessed publication."

Kill me.

Who cares about accessibility (besides Si Newhouse of course)? W is the high fashion (more or less) equivalent of American Vogue. Sparring hunch to hunch, exposed nip to exposed nip with the far superior European oversized titles.

Not to mention, W is one of the few American mags that still puts models on its covers...

An end of yet another fashion era? Perhaps. I don't like to jump to conclusions, unless said conclusions include an open bar, so we'll see what Tonchi has in store. Expectations, though, are admittedly low.

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