Thursday, March 4, 2010

While You Were Sleeping: Sandy B - Style Icon

While drowning in a bottle of wine and watching my Wendy Williams last night, I heard a story that sounded vaguely familiar. About Sandra Bullock being the Oscar nominee most likely to generate sales from her red carpet appearances.
Shocked -- not as shocked as the fact that she's probably going to win for The Blind Side of all movies -- I decided to investigate some of her recent looks.

With more than a little skepticism in my heart, I leafed through and was pleasantly surprised.

Sure, there were the horrible missteps:

The Lanvin on the left is just not her. Meanwhile, I prefer that she leave the awful bed hair to Cammy Diaz who always looks awful, but at least we expect it from her. And the Alberta Ferretti is unflattering on that flat chest and wide hips.

Here she is dressed as a beard. At least the make-up is fierce. Sandy's too.

But then we have these gems:

A double dose of McQueen. You can never go wrong there.

This Bottega Veneta number was a controversial choice:

But how does one grow unless one challenges oneself. She took a risk, I enjoyed it for that fact alone.

My favorite look, though, has to be this:

Halston with the perfect accessory: Ryan Reynolds. He goes with everything.

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arms.akimbo said...

She should be so lucky to get McQueen! Throw an Oscar at that botox ... I mean face!

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