Thursday, March 18, 2010

American Vogue or Shape Magazine? Akimbo

Dear, sweet, hippy Gisele Bundchen-Moynahan-Brady goes commercial for the April Vogue - gone are her Dior days, kids - that included a cover shot. Infuriated, Ms. Ross accidentally swatted Soon Yi in that delicate face as she delivered low-fat Starbucks lattes to the loft. Here's a particularly offensive shot from the "fashion" story inside:
That better be a diet shake.
"I'm coming, Bridget! Fetch!"

Meanwhile, AnA has a bone to pick with photog Patrick Demarchelier, who stole Arthur Elgort's near-iconic shot of Stella Tennant diving into a pool, all 90s and stuff, for this grossity. Here's the Gisele rip-off:
I'm sopping over this infinity edge!

The infinitely more humorous Stella/Arthur original was on view at the Model as Muse exhibit; email us a a picture and win a prize! Soon Yi couldn't find it. Anywho, Gisele's attempt to prove her return to hotness post-enfant en Vogue should be done in Balmain, not bikinis.

Speaking of babies, Anna hasn't loved one since Bee, but loves pregnant chicks in an attempt to show "shapely" women. Gisele may be fat here, but at least her arms are still bone!

My back!
One thing we did like: this outtake from SJP's next Vogue shoot for the Sex and the City Sequel!

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