Friday, March 19, 2010

Kloss Klan (A)Kimbo

What were you doing when you were 17? Were you, perhaps, going to high school? Maybe you had a part-time job, scooping ice cream at the downtown ice cream parlor? Did you on the weekends drive to the cinema with your "boyfriend?" Or were you like us Akimbo gals, snorting powders off of our first Chanel purses? I'll tell you one thing you sure as Donna Karan hell weren't doing: Hemming and Hawing across Vogue in fabulous frocks, flat-ironed fringe and foward-thinking flip flops!

I'm prettiest when I'm hunching! Eyebrows? The heck with that, I'm Dutch!

Get that wind machine out of my face, please, I'm working this peasant skirt!

My hair is so fun! And pretty!
We love this statuesque teen as if she were our illegitimate Anderson Cooper offspring! Proud!

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