Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Brazilian Vogue Akimbo // It's Viviane Orth It

Loving two things about this. First, Brazilian Vogue; which is an oxymoron considering it's practically from the Third World. Give me a spread with Naomi Campbell running to her capoeira class in giant thigh highs and through the slums of Sao Paolo, and then we'll believe it. Second, Viviane Orth; Seven pounds, eight feet tall, and working old-lady cardigans belted like we learned five years ago, she hoofs, heels, hops and hunches all over. It's like she's been doing this since she was a pre-teen. Oh wait; she has!

Teaching AnA how to wear a ladylike layered lambswool! Well played!

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Tricia said...

Girl knows what to do with her hands.

who dat