Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Covers Akimbo // Hunch Versus Bend

Our Lady Christy Turlington poses all over the cover of American Vogue for the August Age Issue, looking pale and showing a lot of leg like a lady whilst teaching us the elegance of the gentle upward head tilt. She hunches, natch. Her previous Vogue cover was as a freshly spray tanned yogi in 2002. Check out both below:

Which cover does Christy rock harder? The old lady issue looks clean, pretty, and wearable. The 2002 cover features her now-famous pose and her trademark head-on glare. We love them both: commercial versus crazy! But, AnA prefers the Age Issue for putting old ladies in crazy outfits and for profiling Christy, who Dolly sees nearly every morning dropping off her kids at school in jeans, a white button down and sensible boots!

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