Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Octegenarian Ladies Lovin' Ladies

DiDi von Furstenberg and Glory Vanderbilt need to get a room. At any point I expected them to strip down, oil up and start bumping clits.

"I remember seeing you at a party and you were with Richard Gere (who for some reason is pictured with a toothy Ms. Ross) and you were so beautiful and I remember thinking how extraordinary and beautiful she [Diane] is." --GV

"I was looking at Gloria as the woman across the room. And the woman across the room is always so glamorous and divine and so great and I guess that, in a sense, for you, I was the woman across the room." -- DVF

Apparently, they didn't get to cross the room and start the heavy petting until little Andy Coops introduced them.

That silver fox...always building bridges.

You must watch this clip of women --not just any women, of course, superwomen, really -- beyond a certain age, talking about fucking as openly as gays at a liquid brunch. It's disturbing, amazing and kind of hot.

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