Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Alexander Wang Chung Tonight!

Future Messiah, Chanel Iman pulling off, easily, the best look of the night. Love an androgynous pantsuit.

Armed and Akimbo's uncle, the great ALT, keeping it simple with a fur muff.

Galliano with muse/Oscar winner/ 70 inches of perfection, Charlize Theron.

Don't you just love when the fashion elite gather together to pat themselves on the back? Seeing them all together like this, it reminds one of the weird, awkward, outsider kids who learned just a bit earlier than others that being weird, awkward and an outsider is not a liability, but really an asset. And then at the ten year high school reunion, they're the ones with all the success and the nose jobs, meanwhile the ex-head cheerleader is looking rougher and fatter by the minute. Ah, revenge. So take heart kids, one day this could be you:Bone. And the proud recipient of $200,000, a small fraction of which will surely end up his nose. Kiddings! Congratulations, CFDA Fashion Fund winner, Ally Wang. You deserve it, lady.

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