Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Oh-No-She-Didn't-Akimbo // Beyoncé wears Gareth Pugh!

Fuck Deréon!
Beyoncé rocked Gareth Pugh at the MTV Europe Awards thing not once -- but twice! She worked a hot black minidress and gold robo-gloves on the red carpet.
Then she wore a hot robot dress for her performance on the show! Girl should stick to high-end duds like this -- remember when Gareth's dress was at the Met Museum? Kudos to the hippy lady for shouting out to a cool young British designer at a UK event. Stay relevant! Bravo!


arms.akimbo said...

Wow, color me both shocked and impressed. P.S. Can someone put the House of Dereon out of its misery. Or me out of mine from seeing it in Vogue's ad pages?
Ms. Ross

Tricia said...

love that she worked this.

who dat