Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Cinematically the Waist

All About Eve, 1950
Starring: Bette Davis, and in one of her first roles, Marilyn Monroe
Costumes by Edith Head
The martinis are dry, the wit is even drier, and the gowns are stunning! With a cigarette in one hand , her glass in the other, Bette Davis' Margo Channing is a tornado in satin, wreaking a path of destruction with sharp, drunken barbs.
Her famous eyes *hand clap, hand clap* hazily dazed, her hair tussled and her voice growing more gravelly by the minute, there is no picture of world-weary glamour that is more appealing or more inspiring. Get your claws out, bitches.

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Tricia said...

the queen. and I love marilyn's cameo.

who dat