Friday, November 21, 2008

ANTM-Akimbo // The Newest Manface

So the finale of Top Model was anticlimactic and hardly the who-will-it-be thing it has been in past "cycles," but at least everyone can agree that the winner - McKey Sullivan - is the most model-like winner in the show's history.

The formula? Tall, bone, slightly insane-looking with great skin, young, and, of course, mannish. McKey is not only Tyra's dream winner but also the sort of beautiful girl that agents and casting people look for. Good job!

Considering the wacky genre of ANTM photos, I genuinely like this other shot of McKey... girl already has a couple pictures for her book!
If this were a "MOVE" post, it might read: "Sea! Step! Mast! Tranny heel! Uni-Arm!"

Finalist Samantha was shorter and genuinely chubby for a model, but at least she could turn out photos like this, which I love.
And in a show that this time has given us very little, let us at least be thankful for Isis. Work it like you're pre-op!

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