Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Blake Lively on the December cover of W

Now, I'm as big a Gossip Girl fan as the next fag, but I'm not sure how I feel about this. And by this I mean: a.) the photo, itself, b.) the weird photoshopping, c.) that surly expression, d.) that awkward pose and e.) the choice of Blake Lively over the wonderfully cheekboned Leighton Meester. W has long been one of my favorite fashion pubs, a welcome portfolio-sized alternative to American Vogue's continued pandering to the Us Weekly, but it seems like W is following in its older sister's stilettoed path. First, Kate Hudson "graces" the September cover, eschewing a wonderful spread featuring the chameleonic Tilda Swinton, now this. I'm going to have to start shelving out some serious coin for V or Italian Vogue. Well, at least Vogue Jr. still has some great photo spreads, even if one of them is by Brad Pitt.


Tricia said...

ouch, that arm. why they should use models more, please.

Tricia said...

oh, and most importantly, why would you not put Tilda Swinton on your cover? they all need to see Orlando.

who dat