Friday, November 21, 2008

Red Carpet Akimbo // Gucci Party

Sigh. Remember when I was the Material Girl?
Now I'm just a tired, worn-out divorcee attending some Gucci party in our old bathmat while Lourdes puts Rocco to bed.
Sorry to do this girl, but you look JUST like I did after I dropped Guy: Hell.

And here I am between who I THINK is Aaliyah and Kate Winslet? No? Ashanti and that McCartney girl? Too soon?
Papa don't preach! I'm gonna keep THIS baby!
This guy... I feel like I messed around with him. Ten years and three vodka tonics ago. When wearing sneakers to an event was "nifty."
All I see in this Russian bug are my arms pre-yoga...
...but damn girl has street fighting done you good! Armed and loaded A-Rod style! Dated hair and 90s makeup! Oooh! Just made me twitch downstairs! Or was that the Long Island I just downed with this girl:
Sigh again! To be young, successful, an ingenue. An actress, even! Before all the surgeries, affairs and bicep curls. A bit of advice sweetie? Avoid the late nights, "reinvention" and baseball! Ah hahaha!

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