Wednesday, November 5, 2008

First Lady: Michelle O. = New Jackie O?

Following the trouncing of McCain in last night's Presidential election, and the general spanking performed by Obama and Democrats nationwide, let's celebrate Akimbo-Style by looking at the interesting Narciso Rodgriguez Michelle wore for her man's acceptance speech in Chicago:

Love? Like? The heels are chic. The dress is sassy. Thoughts?


arms.akimbo said...

OMG, I was totally going to do this. I am so looking forward to the Michelle Obama fashion era. She's a giant.

Ms. Ross

Tricia said...

CAN'T WAIT FOR INAUGURAL DRESS DESIGNER FEEDING FRENZY!!! Donatella in WWD has already said she'd love to dress her!

Tricia said...

sorry, "inaugural GOWN," of course.

who dat