Wednesday, February 24, 2010

NYFW Fall 2010: Ralph Lauren - Gypsies, Trannies and Sleeves

Romance was in the air, and probably some frankincense, at Ralph Lauren. The old girl took her love of preppy all-American wear and infused it with a largess of lace, a ruching of ruffles and a shot of Bohemian botox.

Meanwhile, Cecilia Mendez, I haven't seen you on a runway since the Stone Age. I'm glad to see you're still turning it.

The girls of AnA have never met a jodhpur they didn't like especially one paired with that adorable little fur on top.

This disturbing velvet trend continues but feels suitable amidst all the lace and floral prints. Good morning, Pagan Chic.

The dress on the right is just begging for a bone to don it at an awards show. If that lemon-face Zellweger wasn't perpetually suckling on Carolina Herrera's teet, I could see her in this.

I'd seriously be willing to kill Jac for this bolero. The slightest of reasons being that she insists on going by that one, unimaginative name.

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