Tuesday, February 9, 2010

"Something That Would Pop on TV"

AnA's patron saint, and once the paternity test comes back, birth mother, Madame André Leon Talley will grace the airwaves in 13 subtle Chado Ralph Rucci cloaks. "Something that would pop on TV", as opposed to his everyday wear.

The occasion is suitably epic as he has deigned to appear on America's Next Top Model, or as we like to call it here at the AnA loft, Yelling Nonsensical Things at Skinny Girls and/or Smiling with Your Eyes with Ty Ty Banks.

The show, it seems, has finally stepped up its game and so has Mr. Banks. As she told WWD, “I am wearing a chignon every single day. I went back to Yves Saint Laurent 1991, honey. I said, ‘This is André Leon Talley! No earrings, no nothing. Just me and the gahhment.’”

Well at least she recognizes the serious coup she's pulled off. I can't say I'll miss those unflattering weaves and wigs, especially since Wendy Williams is still on the air.

As for the winner of this show actually living up to the show's lofty title and appearing in Vogue, (besides in an Olay ad, natch) well, Talley puts it this way: [T]hat’s not my decision, that’s Ms. Wintour’s."

In other words , Hell to the No.

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