Wednesday, February 10, 2010

AnA's NYFW Lookbook: Day 3: Snow! Head! Girl! Friend!

Since New York has apparently become a mountain town and will be covered in four feet of snow by noon, the ladies of AnA have bundled up in preparation of what will nevertheless be a hectic day.

As I am from a tropical climate, though at this point Montreal could be considered tropic in comparison, I have opted for Fall '10 Moncler Gamme Bleu because I do NOT fuck around with this shit.

Usually I am not one for practicality, but our old friend Thom Browne can even make ski wear fun. I'm also wearing this underneath.

Just for kicks.

Ms. Streisand, desiring a pop of color in all this neutral white, chose to stalk out of her apartment this morning in Fall '09 Michael Kors, paired with Prada wellingtons and a Mizrahi bag hat.

Depth, warmed over.

Meanwhile, Dolly, brave soul she is -- Gaga bless her, amidst warnings from Babs and myself, decided to throw caution to the gusting wind and venture out in he favorite pair of Nina Ricci tranny pumps.

She hasn't reported into the loft as of yet, but she's a resilient gal from hardy stock. If we don't hear from her within the hour, we'll send out a search party of resourceful lesbians (are there any other kind?) to dig her out from the avalanche no doubt caused by the loud clopping of her nonexistent heels.

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