Tuesday, February 23, 2010

NYFW Fall 2010 Recap: Jeremy Scott - A Vogue Idea

Jeremy Scott channelled the Material Girl's perhaps second most iconic look (behind the boytoy Virgin of the mid-80s): the Girlie show Gauliter slut of the early 90s. There were high ponies, bustiers and even that magical cone bra re-imagined as a pair of suspenders.

Meanwhile, I'll take those lady silhouettes to go. Just not sure how well they'll hold up as I push and shove my way through those awful common people on my way to the sanctuary that is the AnA loft

As my favorite mode of transportation is with a Mahogany-esque stride, arms fully out, this bat-wing dress has my name all over it. Literally.

Not only is this dress perfect for a night out, when one inevitably gets home wrecked beyond all imagining, it easily slips into one's closet by the tip of its train. While one is still in it, too.

Technicolor dreamcorset anyone?

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