Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Haute and Cold Couture

The loss of Lacroix, Dahling! was certainly felt this couture season with a less than stellar showing, with only Dior and Chanel, the two powerhouse couturiers, delivering.

Gaultier was a joke and Sarah Mower was not laughing. Armani and Givenchy were boring.

Etc, etc, blah blah, give me a bowed bouffant and a riding crop.

I expect a lot from couture, a fantasy that I can only hope to attain, so don't give me whatever the hell this is. The queens on Drag Race could come up with better.


Uncle Karl delivered one of his best couture collections, replete with silver and jewels entwined with the fabric, a wink to the future he doesn't believe in.

I really want to get married in this. In either look, really.


Galliano kind of phoned it in, but even half-assing it he's better than almost everyone else.

Just throw in some equestrian references, some lace and a few gorgeous, heart-stopping satin gowns and you've got a hit.

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