Tuesday, February 9, 2010

AnA's NYFW Lookbook: Day 2: The Boys from the Brunch

Gearing up for a week of teetering around in heels, Dolly, Ms. Streisand and I decided to savor a moment of quiet reserve by getting shitfaced at brunch. And what does brunch mean but a glorious say-something hat!

Here I am, delicate as a flower and half the weight, in my Spring '10 Dior Haute Couture hat and veil. Three mimosas in and I was already on the floor. Of course, I magically sprung to life again once the fourth made its way to our table.

Ms. Streisand, feeling longing for Lacroix, donned this spectacular Spring 08 beaded number with real flowers! Luckily, or not considering the blizzard allegedly heading our way, it's too cold for any bees to make a nest in his chapeau.

Dolly, always a rebel, chose this delicate hair bow to accent the celery stalk in her (seven) Bloody Mary's. After brunch, we hailed a cab, but seeing that our head adornments towered too high for a backseat, instead rode home one of our burly waiters.

Ah, how nice it was to relax.

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