Tuesday, February 23, 2010

NYFW Fall 2010: Marc Jacobs - A Grayer Shade of Stale

Usually everything Marc does I greet with open arms. With one chubby Brazilian exception. And much like that exception, this collection left me a little limp.

Nothing really stood out. Of course, there were some great pieces, including a fur bolero and the finale gowns.

But like me on a weekday afternoon post-lunch, the show lacked vision. Everything was nice, but not epic. Maybe Marc wasn't feeling particularly epic.
However, as he has proven time and time again, he's often on the forefront of a trend so maybe, as I am afraid to even consider, Marc's just on the mark.
What with the extreme heels, severe silhouettes and gag-worthy futurism of the last few seasons, and with no end to this couture-killing recession in plausible sight, perhaps this decade will mark a shift towards the subdued, the wearable and *cringe* the flat.

Well, whatever Mrs. Martone is saying, I'll be buried in my armadillo heels with a coffin designed to accommodate the one dramatic shoulder I plan to get murdered by a jealous ex-lover in.

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