Thursday, February 25, 2010

NYFW Fall 2010: Alexander Wang - Working, Girl

Alex Wang is giving grown-ass woman realness this season, that is if grown-ass women wear mid-riffs and mini-skirts. Which they clearly should.

Since New York is officially the North Pole, these camel capes will come in handy. That is if we'll be alive by the time they come out. Should the Northeast turn to ice, the bones will obviously go first. Then the gays since we don't do inclement weather. The lesbians will have to carry on.

Is it a camisole? Is it a powersuit? A camisuit? A powersole? A camiwersuit? I give up, but I'll take it.

Is that you, Aggy? Here I thought you were buried up to your wide-set hips in editorial work. Or dead. It's a season of comebacks!

Velvet continues to haunt my waking and now my sleeping hours. Wang's take doesn't make me want to kill myself, so I guess that's a start.

I'll ignore the velvet boots since the dresses are so cute. This time.

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Tricia said...

This may be the first Wang collection that's brought me more over to his side. I wasn't a fan of the Wasson Wang.

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