Thursday, February 12, 2009

ALT "Reporting"

Since when has our sainted mother, André Leon Talley, reported anything? Her dubious title of Editor-at-Large seems limited to styling big-voiced Oscar-winning divas-in-waiting in silver boleros, wearing haute couture capes while grocery shopping and generally throwing shade, yet still she manages to fit in a bit of writing every now and then -- and an interview with the Fierce Lady, at that. Is there nothing she can't do...besides wear denim or acknoweledge the poor?

Meanwhile, The Lady Obama looks flawless as usual. Mama's got some junk in the trunk and legs til Tuesday. That's right, take that phone call, ponder and step in that kitten heel. Now, cross those gams and feature that tweed skirt. Michelle Obama. Part of a balanced breakfast.

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