Friday, February 13, 2009

Belvedere Akimbo // Zipped Up

Last night AnA braved the storm of Fashion Week and survived, thanks to one gal pal in the know and another skinny minnie accessorized flawlessly with what I call a SCARF. The evening started at the Belvedere IX Launch Party, which in all its Fabu-Français can be summized with this photograph:

She ain't no diva! Unclench that jaw! Fur and free cocktails! Sadly AnA had to ditch MK (so good to see you!) to catch the Laura Dawson show, which was hosted by the busy people at the Red Bull Space in SoHo. After hobbling our way over cobblestones in our sky-high Laboutins, we took in the small collection of jersey dresses and on-trend drop-crotch looks bedazzled/maimed with sequins and, sadly, zippers.

Isn't it unfortunate when the work of some is compared to the mastery of others? Anywho, hope to see you tonight at Patrik Rzepski... where if his work is anything like last Fall we'll be treated to a great collection of bondage and goth unisex leggings.

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Tricia said...

never seen MK looking so madge in all my life.

who dat