Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Rodarte Akimbo // Fall Biker

After a series of stringy messes and ethereal semi-successes, Rodarte designers the Mulleavy sisters have hit a more decisive note this Fall, presenting a clearly focused collection that revolved around hot boots and dark bondage, great nudes and -- finally -- commercial separates. The heels, always a treat, came in the guise of thigh-high leather boots tied all the way up in monochrome straps and leather.
It logically mixed well and with the sisters' dresses, which hit well above the knee, and are a welcome alternative to faux-leather leggings. Think youthful biker bondage and all the fun that can come with that. The other side of Fall: a muted palette of marbled creams and... well... marble and grays. The Rodarte technique screams immaculate. Simultaneously, everything can go straight from the Mulleavy showroom to the stores: adorable belts, patchwork silk blouses with capped sleeves and who doesn't love a sequined skirt.For good measure, one of Akimbo's favorite off-shoulder numbers:
Glad the girls stepped it up this reason! And equally thrilled your talent went unperturbed.

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