Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Repeat Akimbo // Ape Over Kane

AnA loves when we write dueling posts (see above); so instead of consolidating we're going to say "suck on it" and just leave both. Our own Ms. Streisand hit the dainty nail on the even daintier head with her raving review of Isaac Mizrahi's jubilant and madcap collection. It set our collective minds atwitter with thoughts of blending moody realism with frenzied optimism: downtrodden buyers hungry for something positive. In London, everyone is talking about this in terms of Christopher Kane.
Kane cut his dresses for a conservative, potentially older audience; one a bit less nutty and colorful than last season. Sans gorilla, the looks were still dynamic: sexy overlays, nudes and sheer fabrics, black and cubism. So Kane is designing for a complicated lady, one interested in Prada sexiness and also plaided Grunge.
Nothing revolutionary here but the quality is rich. Also really feeling cozy sherling.The best way to encapsulate this collection is with a picture of the adorable Kane himself in an adorable outfit, bestill our Akimbo hearts:

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