Friday, February 6, 2009

Times-Akimbo // And other gross things fat rich people do

The Times provided a humorous article today about how overweight straight guys lose weight by competitive dieting. The motivation to become healthier lies not with the obvious physical benefits but with cash won: Fatty Frank must pay up to Skinny Stu.

The guy on the right is named Mr. Ee: in addition to losing $20 because he couldn't drop his tire he also lost the consonants in his last name. Highlights of Ee's battle include "push-ups every hour in front of each other’s cubicles" and irresistible rogue "chocolate."

In conclusion, a big thank you to the Times for commenting on this trend: fat rich straight people heading to the gym to be more like fit, muscular gay men. But honestly whatever makes you healthier is fine with me. Here at the Armed and Akimbo offices we are all for not being forced to look at offensive fat people.

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