Friday, February 20, 2009

Calvin Gone Akimbo // Race Issue?

Whilst pondering the model choices made by designers this Fall in New York, along came the Calvin Klein show. Designer Francisco Costa has an influential eye and his preference for undiscovered talent has launched the career of many models, notably Natalia Vodianova, many of whom he places on exclusive -- barring the model from walking any other shows. One of Costa's picks for the Calvin exclusive this time around is a 17 year-old American named Lindsey:
The remarkable thing about this casting is Lindsey's race. The Calvin Klein show is historically whitewashed, and while the occasional ethnic -- for Costa this means Asian, Black and/or not Blonde -- appears, they are never on exclusive and are alone in the show, filling that token role.
Here is Lindsey looking like a gazelle backstage. Hopefully Costa will continue choosing young, interesting and unknown models irregardless of race. It's an old and tiresome argument, nevertheless.

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