Monday, February 23, 2009

Mazel Tov! Akimbo / Mizrahi with a Z

Having a had a weekend to recover and truly contemplate the NY Fall '09 shows, it is time to shine a light on my favorite of all the gay, Jewish, Brooklynite, eccentric designers - Isaac. 

Let's start with this:

Now kids - THAT is how you do fashion. Shove all your pretentious, dark, moody, reference-filled clothes and give me a BAG ON MY HEAD. Why? Because I am fabulous and don't care. 

And COLOR - bright, in-your-face, and trend-less color. Mixed and matched with childish abandon. 
Drape in gold lame (WITH A SNAKESKIN PRINT!!), sequins, fur and bold color choices every day darling and you will see a happy queen.
In a time when no one can shut up about 'recessions' and 'unemployment' what we all need is a fucking sequined, baby pink dress with a slit up to the vag:

As Isaac says, "Glitter is actually comforting for me" and we could not agree more darling. 

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