Thursday, February 26, 2009

Currently-Slightly-Obsessed-With Akimbo // H&M

Same old hat, new tricks; our favorite Swedes (suck on it) H&M have done a good job retooling themselves as of late. First, here's a story from that free magazine they throw at you when you leave the store:

Nothing new with the styling, but it looks clean and young: belted dresses, le smoking jackets, and wild prints! And it's shot by Terry Tsiolis and model Heidi Mount works it. The cool look also turns up in the in-store posters:
But forget about the supermodels and fabulous photographers... they have GOLD:
Gold EVERYWHERE. Big tacky necklaces, gold chains layered one over another, gold rimmed glasses, bangley bracelets... it's Akimbo's schizophrenically magpie dream!

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Tricia said...

really just in time, they were getting a little *yawn.*

who dat