Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Presentations Akimbo // This place has awful lighting

In addition to the shows this fashion week are the less-flashy but equally important presentations. Every one's doing it, after all, what with this recession. Akimbo has taken in a couple this week. First up for us was Patrik Rzepski, whose moody presentation looked great; it featured black gowns and gauzy overlays in a church setting. He stuck with thigh-high boots and purely melancholy looks. Check out other pics from this fashionista femme.Later on at Ideeen -- we missed Donna Karan because her show, nearby in the WV, started on time (!) -- Akimbo knotted up our botoxed (kidding) foreheads at the tie-dye denims and mohair trimming. Odd, and biker chic has been done better obviously, but the Japanese brand had some great footwear. And hopefully they know how to throw a party:

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