Monday, February 23, 2009

Out Akimbo // Thighs

The girls over at Out Magazine treat us to a fun, colorful ode to European menswear with this, an energetic editorial about bright leggings, neon and other great looks for summer. The rosy shirt on the left, by Romain Kremer, shows how to mix pinks (read: complimentarily); and Akimbo would like to go on record on the adorability of mixing shoes-to-shirt.Many a day pass here at the Akimbo war room with all of us girls in some sort of legging. Glad to see Louis Vuitton promoting our ideas with these graphic prints. Euro knitwear label Sibling sneaks into our hearts with that adorable leopard print sweater; it's sequined.
Those graphic trousers look shockingly akin to those newspaper-print jeans worn by one Ms. Dolly; but hey, not everyone can be original.
If anyone gets their claws on a Lycra bodsuit, perhaps like this orange psycahdelic number by Walter Van Beirendonck, please forward it over; our thighs are toned from catwalking all last week and we need to show them off! Yes yes, loving sneakers too.
And finally, like only a gay rag can do, here are the best swimsuits of the season; and by the best we mean the ones that slip innocently off of muscled bodies when pulled by teeth. VERSACE DUVET. On a sad note, most of these clothes are from newer smaller European lines that are not available yet here in the States; sugar daddy shopping trip to Paris? Anyone? Anyone?

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