Thursday, February 19, 2009

Catwalk for Your LIFE!

LinkAnA loves CNN because they bring us the news that really matters. This morning, while sipping down our breakfast of black coffee and cigarettes, we caught tiny Asian reporter, Alina Cho getting tips from model Anastassia Khozzisova on how to Naomi down the catwalk, drop it, bring it back up, turn it and release. Along the way, Heidi Klum stomps around like the Amazon she is. This is reporting. If you need some advice on how to properly make your way down the runway, AnA will be giving complimentary classes at our official headquarters, i.e. the corner. Those cigarettes don't pay for themselves, am I right ladies (of the night)?

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Anonymous said...

I just spit water all over my keyboard, hahaha. SHANTE

who dat