Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My Purple Suede Shoes

Funny how in the midst of picking the best-of-the-best from the men's collections comes the couture show from Alexis Mabille and his melange of semi-stuffy lady looks (sailboats, done) and adorably fun menswear (Alexis himself is also super-cute.)

The theme was mixing fun and practically, which are occasionally mutually exclusive. But pairing a super-chic pair of skinny pants with a narrow well-trimmed black blazer can look what we call office-trendy. Because there's nothing like being the cutest one at work.

Fun fabrics were one way to play this game. A red satin is expensive-looking and bold. Did you notice the purple suede shoes?

...and what about the black crushed velvet, which turned up via tops and bottoms. Like Thom Browne this eschewed to "feminine" which is a synonym for "luxurious."
Also "luxurious" were jackets edged with black ribbons and bows, pretty florals and other doo-dads cascading about.
And let's accept with open arms the return of pleated pants, raised from the crypt, and divine burnt orange. Anyone know the price point for homme couture?

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