Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Gay Akimbo // GQ

Don't get us wrong: AnA LOVES GQ. Love the hot girls, love the shaving tips, love the advice on how to find straight man food. But a change rumbles in the magazine's editorial depths. Check out this month's spread on masculine summer attire:
Utterly adorable! Fitted polos, tanks and biceps, cardigan sweaters and flat-front khakis add up to a sugary boy delight! But is this true to the goal of the magazine, to queer its straight readers and deny us our monthly glance into how vagina lovers live? We love our straights! Metrosexuality has already taken over in the cities. Will GQ push it one step further by gathering up cargo shorts and American Eagle flip flops and tossing them to the dumpster? What's next! Adam Lambert on the cover!

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