Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Vienna Life Ball Akimbo

Dolly passed on the Life Ball this year -- Vienna is so three centuries ago! -- but luckily Ms. Ross was on hand to snap pictures of our favorite jewel encrusted couplings.
Pam Anderson, breastastic and oddly covered up. Give us a little more chest! Her latest eye lift has bulled her brow ABOVE her ever-necessary sunglasses, and we say bravo: an eye arch never goes unapplauded. As does such ladylike hair. Patricia Fields hones her normal crazy with her traditional rouge and an aquamarine mermaid palette.
AnA's boyfriend Bill (the pre-Obama era) snuggled up to Katy Perry at the after party; we can officially reveal that her dress was originally dark brown before Clinton got to her! We challenge you to resist that piece!

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