Thursday, May 21, 2009

This Ish Is Bananas Akimbo

With summer just around the corner (the gams are already out here at the loft), it's time to start thinking about the soundtrack to your daily catwalk on the sidewalks. May we suggest Electrik Red? Throw in equal parts Kelis, Vanity 6 and En Vogue and you get these four sassy single ladies, who deliver lines like "Boy you're like a Michael you can really beat it" from W.F.Y. (We Fuck You) with tongue and possibly dick, firmly in cheek. Their album, the AnA approved, How to Be a Lady: Volume 1, has everything you need to get wasted, throw on a halter-heel ensemble and get into a fight with any doorman who has the gaul to take away your hip flask.

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