Thursday, May 28, 2009

Icon of the Week

Mary J. Blige, Queen of Hip Hop Soul, notorious ass-kicker and future Oscar-winner, started out just a bad girl with raw talent as big as her gold doorknocker earrings. However, through her many trials and tribulations (she earned her diva stripes the hard way, the only way really) MJB has kept it all kinds of fierce.

Her early-90s look - gold hoops, blonde hair, giant black shades and baggy jeans with an exposed bra - inspired girls as much as her search for Real Love.

But as she grew up and grew into herself, off came thebaseball jersies and on with the couture. No More Drama but yes please to a canary yellow Gucci fur!

Now the bad girl is a grown-ass lady with an impeccable sense of style. Of course that doesn't mean she won't cut a bitch.

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