Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thinking Akimbo // Wishful

Fatigued, famished, and fantastically frocked, AnA attended an opening at MILK Gallery in the Meat Packing that supported a cause very, very special to our hearts: "Wishful Thinkers," portraits of 50 inspirational women, benefited FINCA International.

Notable attendees and honored subjects -- besides yours truly -- included designer Erin Featherston and her freshly washed head of blond hair. We waited about for our personal favorites Iman -- do NOT miss her at the MET -- and Jennifer Venditti - she directed the amazing Billy the Kid -- but alas all the talk of microfinancing and saving the third world prompted us to retire early! Tonight, look for us first promptly at the Ananas Champagne Hour and then the big PASSPORT Magazine party in Chelsea! Natch!

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