Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Glamour, Thy Name is Winslet

This month's issue of Glamour features their list of the 50 Most Glamorous Women of 2009, as chosen by the mag's readers and a panel of experts, including good old Uncle Isaac. Off the bat, AnA is worried that Iman and Kate Moss are bringing up the rear, while Jennifer Aniston and Scarlett Johansson are even at all present, let alone in the top 10! So obviously the list, like any list that attempts to enumerate something as subjective as glamour, is flawed, but nonetheless we applaud the effort. Just look at this top 3 -- flawless:

We have nothing against La Jolie but her style is often too boring and safe, but if we were Oscar-winning millionaires married (so to speak) to this, we'd literally wear a bathrobe and curlers on the red carpet and not give a lick what anyone thinks. Okay, I take that back, we have pretty much everything against that bitch.

Reese, eh, nothing special, but we do appreciate the single, slutty new you. March those gams out.

Aniston...God bless her she tries.

Klum. Tranny heel. Done.

Mmm, Ryan Reynolds. Oh, hey Scar Jo! Didn't see your tig-ole-bitties flaping in the wind there.

Arch that back, Mrs. Brady.

Pepe Cruz it's you. It's always been you. Our love affair with the lady is reaching fever pitch! Really though, she has been absolute perfection every time we've seen her. Who could ask for anything more in a starlet?

Glamour's most glamorous ladies are more or less a hit, with a few misses, but there are a few glaring omissions. Namely these bitches:

And let's not forget Ms. Streisand. Perhaps next year, divas!

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