Friday, May 22, 2009

Yes We Cannes Cannes

The international film community put on their best faces, some of them were actually their own!, for the most glamorous film festival of the year. Mmm, the French Riviera, big stars, haute couture... sure trumps winter in Utah trying not to stare at Robert Redford's face, doesn't it, kids?

Oh hi, Brangie. Not gonna lie to ya, getting a little bored with the both of you. I get it, you're huge, you're the epitome of celebrity, you are everything, everything is you. Fine. But where's the fun? Otherwise, love the Versace and Brad is apparently having an affair with Tom Ford because he wears no one else. Ooh, imagine: a Brangelina-Tom Ford threesome. You know it's already happened.

Oh there it is, on the gorgeous Michelle Yeoh. Emerald green Versace + flawless skin = all you need to wow.

Rachel Weisz in a perfect little Dior dress.

Eight-foot tall, omnisexual, pale pale pale polyamorous bone, Tilda Swinton in go-to designer, Lanvin. They clearly get each other, Elbaz and Swinton, and theirs is a partnership that yields far more interesting results than say, that squinty Zellwegger and Herrera.

Two-time Oscar winner and occasional lady, Hilary Swank, looking beautiful but still somehow out of place in a flowing Armani. Throw that girl in a pantsuit and stop the lies!

Divine actress-as-muse, Pepe Cruz, steps out in Marchesa with one of AnA's favorite directors, Almodóvar. The two were there for Los Abrazos Rotos, their third collaboration, which features this bit of perfection.

Leggy supermodel, Lily Cole and tranny alien, Devon Aoki, in Alberta Feretti and Cavalli, respectively.

Doe-eyed crazy and Dior high-wire aerialist, Marion Cotillard in YSL. P.S. Have you seen the trailer for Nine? Get excited.

Asia Argento looking wonderful in Armani Privé. The shape c'est exquisite, non?

Current title-holder of world's most beautiful woman, especially since Jolie's working the creepy alien look these days, Aishwarya Rai in one of the cleaner looks from Elie Saab's Haute Couture collections.

Now this is a star-making dress. Let's see, I'm Abbie Cornish, a talented ingenue stepping out on one of the most important and publicized events of the year. I could wear a big-named designer, or, now stay with me for a second, I could wear a stunning gown from obscure Australian designer, Toni Maticevski. I think I made the right decision.

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