Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sessilee Lopez: How to Be a Lady

Continuing our theme of ladyship, here is AnA fave and supermodel in the making, Sessilee Lopez in June's Harper's Bazaar pulling off her best Michelle O.

It's incredible to look at this 10-page spread and her work in that historical Italian Vogue. In the latter, she was absolutely brilliant -- edgy, exciting, androgynous, fierce -- stealing the spotlight (ooh hoo!) from such luminaries as Iman and Naomi. However, here, she is commercial, all-American (despite being Dominican) and completely accessible.

Tyra's always extolling the virtue of a model who can do everything: commercial/editorial/ catalogue/high-fashion/runway/curing poverty/establishing world peace/turning back time all while wearing a six-inch stiletto. Well, Mr. Banks can pretty much cancel at least one of her shows because this is the face and the impossibly long legs of America's true next top model.

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