Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Eat And Sit Akimbo // Brazilian Commercials

AnA enjoys when high fashion girls end up in the commercial sphere; the money is a sign that all those years of no-money magazine and campaign work can pay off! First, take in VS tranny, LOVE Magazine girl and resurrected Givenchy catwalker Adriana Lima chomping down on Doritos, the chip of choice responsible for our chunkier days! The only bulges besides the ones she hides in the commercial are the ones carried by these poor boys.

Then, enjoy our lady Gisele as she catches up on the boob tube... and not her own! We mean Sky TV. When all those footballers run out, did you also think it was a Tom Brady-led smack down? Girl lounges like AnA; leg up and looking big-haired and fresh. Click!

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