Wednesday, May 13, 2009

80s Flashback Akimbo

Monday's GG was a love note to the 80s, a decade often cited as the worse for fashion, music Well, those people who hate on the 80s obviously have no sense of humor. The last episode gave us some definitive 80s looks in the best way possible: a good ole-fashioned fashion montage.

The young Lily Rhodes tries on her electric neon spandex, with a say-something legging; a belted pleather dress with ginormous earrings; and a plaid skirt/belly shirt combo with suspenders; all looks AnA has rocked in the last 2 weeks. She eventually settled on this gem:

Bold shoulder. Polka dot tiered dress. Givenchy heel. Ripped leggings. On trend and on point.

Meanwhile, in the present, the kids had their prom and this being the Upper East Side, let's just say Blair and Serena didn't go the Macy's route.

Twirl, tranny.

There really is no other show on TV that loves fashion (or inspires personal wardrobe choices) as much as GG. What will we do this summer when the girls are on hiatus? Besides get a life, natch.

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